CV & Papers

Link to full CV: Skelton_CV_11_30_2017

Papers in review

Skelton, J., M. A. Jusino, Y. Li, C. Bateman, P. H. Thai, D. L. Lindner, and J. Hulcr. Detecting symbioses in complex communities: the specialist and generalist fungal symbionts of beetles within decaying Asian pines. In review- pdf available by request.

Jusino, M. A., J. Skelton, D. L. Lindner, M. T. Banik, and J. R. Walters. Succession of fungal communities in excavated tree cavities: a woodpecker facilitated process. In review- pdf available by request.

Smith, J. A., K. Brust, J. Skelton, and J. R. Walters. An assessment of the effects of the first Safe Harbor Program on the conservation of endangered Red-cockaded Woodpeckers. In review- pdf available by request.


Li, Y. C. Bateman, J. Skelton, M. A. Jusino, Z. J. Nolen, D. R. Simmons, and J. Hulcr. Wood decay fungus Flavodon ambrosius (Basidiomycota: Polyporales) is widely farmed by two genera of ambrosia beetles. Fungal Biology, in press.


Skelton, J., K. M. Geyer, J. T. Lennon, R. P. Creed, and B. L. Brown. Multi-scale ecological filters shape the crayfish microbiome. Symbiosis DOI: 10.1007/s13199-016-0469-9 Skelton_etal_2016_cfmicrobiome

Brown, B. L., E. R. Sokol, J. Skelton, and B. Tornwall. Making sense of metacommunities: Dispelling the mythology of a metacommunity typology. (2016) Oecologia – Brown_etal_2016.

Skelton, J., R.  P. Creed, L. Landler, K. M. Geyer, and B. L. Brown. Geographic patterns of crayfish symbiont diversity persist over half a century despite seasonal fluctuations. (2016) Freshwater Crayfish – Skelton_etal_2016_Worms_thru_space_and_time

Ectosymbiotic cleaning mutualists induce down regulation of crayfish immune response genes. (2016) Freshwater Crayfish – accepted. Brown et al 2016_cleangenes

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Johnson, A. J., P. E. Kendra, J. Skelton, J. Hulcr. Species diversity, phenology, and temporal flight patterns of Hypothenemus pygmy borers (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) in South Florida. (2016) Environmental Entomology. Johnson et al EE 2016 online

Luther, D., J. Skelton, C. Fernandez, and J. R. Walters. Conservation action implementation, funding, and population trends of birds listed on the Endangered Species Act. (2016) Biological Conservation 197, 229-234 Luther etal2016 ESAconsActions

Skelton, J., S. Doak*, M. Leonard*, R. P. Creed, and B. L. Brown. The rules for symbiont community assembly change along a mutualism–parasitism continuum. (2016) Journal of Animal Ecology. (2016) 85(3), 843-853. Skelton_etal_2016_JAE .

Thomas, M. J., R. P. Creed, J. Skelton, and B. L. Brown. Ontogenetic shifts and symbiont succession in a freshwater cleaning symbiosis mutualism. (2016) Ecology. On-line first.


Skelton, J., R. P. Creed, and B. L. Brown. A symbiont’s dispersal strategy: Condition-dependent dispersal underlies predictable variation in direct transmission among hosts. (2015) Proceedings of the Royal Society B, DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2015.2081. Skelton_etal_2015

Tornwall, B., E. Sokol, J. Skelton, and B. L. Brown. Trends in biodiversity research since the River Continuum Concept. (2015) Diversity 7, 16-35. Tornwall_etal_2015

Landler, L., M. A. Jusino, J. Skelton, and J. R. Walters. (2015) Global trends in woodpecker cavity entrance orientation: Latitudinal and continental effects suggest regional climate influence. Acta Ornithologica 49(2), 257-266. Landler et al 2014

2014 and earlier

Skelton, J., Creed, R. P., & Brown, B. L. (2014). Ontogenetic shift in host tolerance controls initiation of a cleaning symbiosis. Oikos, 123(6), 677-686. Skelton_etal_2014

Skelton, J., Farrell, K. J., Creed, R. P., Williams, B. W., Ames, C., Helms, B. S., … & Brown, B. L. (2013). Servants, scoundrels, and hitchhikers: current understanding of the complex interactions between crayfish and their ectosymbiotic worms (Branchiobdellida). Freshwater Science, 32(4), 1345-1357. Skelton_etal_2013

Skelton, J., & Strand, M. (2013). Trophic ecology of a freshwater sponge (Spongilla lacustris) revealed by stable isotope analysis. Hydrobiologia, 709(1), 227-235. Skelton&Strand_2013

Brown, B. L., Creed, R. P., Skelton, J., Rollins, M. A., & Farrell, K. J. (2012). The fine line between mutualism and parasitism: complex effects in a cleaning symbiosis demonstrated by multiple field experiments. Oecologia, 170(1), 199-207. Brown_etal_2012